Google India Code to Learn contest 2020

Dear Students,
The registration process of Google Code to Learn 2020 started. Hurry and register yourself at the earliest!
The details of the competition are attached or you can also visit the website for further information.

Here is important information about the contest:

  1. There is no registration fee associated with the contest.
  2. Students in classes 5 to 12 enrolled in any Indian school are eligible for the contest.
  3. Parents or teachers of students can register and submit projects on behalf of the student.
  4. Students learn Scratch, App Inventor, or Cloud AutoML on their own or through their teacher’s/parents’ guidance. Our website has instructions on learning these tools as well.
  5. Students create an individual project of their own independent idea. There is no guideline for projects. Students are free to create anything using either of the three tools.
  6. The project is submitted online through instructions on the official website of Code to Learn.
  7. Results are declared after judging (On or after 15 November 2020).
  8. Registration for the contest is already open and will remain open till the last date for project submission.
  9. Project submission begins on 15 ¬May¬ 2020. The last date for project submission is 31¬ July ¬2020.

For detailed information about the contest, please visit Code to Learn website or reach out to us at code2learn@google.com. We hope to see enthusiastic participation from your students!

Here’s a brief video on Google India – Code to learn 2018

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