Edoflip for Schools

Edolflip brings to you a complete package to assist your school in achieving the best results.

Gear up your teachers and students with Edoflip’s school program where we empower schools with content, techniques, and research to bring the best out of your students.

Edoflip is committed to your school’s best performance throughout.

As teachers, we understand that all students are individuals, each with unique abilities. They require personal care and support to understand their core skill sets and to find their respective path towards success.

Stage 1


We provide content and training to the faculty members of the school to help them gear up for the new EdTech world.

Stage 2


Based on our preliminary evaluation of each student, we will be creating groups of similar academic skill sets.

Stage 3

Align with
School Plan

We make sure that we align based on your school's plan of work, so that it suits the convenience of the students.

Stage 4


We continuously assess and enhance our approach to ensure a personalized experience for every student.

Ready for the transformation?

We guarantee to bring excellent results to your school in both, the board exams as well as in national and international entrance exams. With every step, we enrich your students and faculty to be a step ahead.