Why Us?

True education happens when knowledge flows in an equal space.

In today’s world of competitive learning, the idea of mass classrooms has overshadowed fundamental teaching practices. It is no longer a student who decides what he needs, but his class does.

At Edoflip, we give back this right to each student. Our classes are designed in such a way that each student is mentored personally by our expert faculty. This is the core value that we uphold at Edoflip.


Learn more than just age-old textbook material and school lessons.


Learning shouldn’t be mechanical, open your mind to free thinking.

Crack Entrance Exam

Align to both school and competitive examination curriculum.

Time for Extracurricular

Save time and effort for personality development like sports and art.


Never be restricted in getting the best teacher, Wherever you are.


Adapt to the online methods of learning
and taking exams.

International Exposure

Get to interact with students around the world during competitions.


Access multiple content delivery tools like audio-visuals and mind maps.

Here's what happens once you get enrolled:


Preliminary Assessment

You'll be taken through a series of preliminary online tests. Our expert teachers will then evaluate your answers based on your approach and level of skill.


Course Customization

Based on the evaluation report, our teacher will conduct an online meeting to understand you better and design a course structure just for you.



We create a program completely personalized based on your evaluation and interests. The program will be continuously modified as you progress.


Parents' Involvement

We will have multiple Parent-Teacher meetings where we discuss the student’s performance and suggest course corrections for the student, if any.

In a traditional classroom, students listen to lectures and are later assigned homework to do based on what they learn. Do you see a problem here? On most occasions, questions arise in students’ minds only after they start doing their homework. 

Unfortunately, many a times they forget or are unable to clarify these difficulties in the next class. Hence, the concept remains unclear.

In a flipped classroom, students are first asked to learn a topic from the instructional videos and podcasts provided, and then to take a quick assessment before the live class.

During the live class with the teacher, the student gets to clarify his/her questions and gains an in-depth understanding about the subject.

Our Vision

Our teachers are trained in our in-house academy and are provided with a conducive work environment with in-house experimentation, cross cultural exposure, diverse thinking and frequent social activities. All this to fortify our commitment to empowering young talent across the globe.

We aspire to be the pioneers in redefining the traditional approach of learning.

Get mentorship for all major boards and competitive exams from Grade 7 to Grade 12.

Get doubts solved 24 x 7 with your personal faculty.

Crack entrance exams: SAT, ACT, IGCSE, IB, Olympiad, IIT, Engg. Entrances, NEET.

Easy access for parents to teachers through calls or chats.

Get trained by tutors from premier institutions like IITs and NITs.

Gain access to videos, audio books and documents curated from over 3000+ sources.

Learn one-on-one or one-on-few (of upto 5 students) with our faculty, in online sessions.

Refer back anytime to any of the previous classes. All our online class sessions are recorded.

Adapt to highly successful and the most rated Flipclass model of learning.

Refer to class notes shared as PDF documents after each session.

Get individual career counseling, twice a year, from your teacher.

Get mind maps, revision notes and student’s compendium.

Access weekly assignments online and through our mobile app.

Parents receive progress reports on a regular basis.

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