About Us

We are teachers by choice. Our team immensely believes in spirituality and our work comes from an internal understanding and inspiration, to address this valuable question of education at hand.

Edoflip is not just another project for us. We believe this is our Service.

Our Story

Our teachers are graduates from IITs, NITs, and other national and international premiere institutions. We are a team of ex-Schlumberger, ex-Tech Mahindra, ex-Duff and Phelps and have managed large teams and built businesses. We have international cultural experience. We have seen technological advances and have made warm relationships throughout our lives.

With this experience, we have realized that the key stakeholders continuously struggle as a big segment of the workforce has remained either unaware, incompetent or unskilled. The required enthusiasm to work, to think on one’s feet and be ready for newer challenges, has always been found wanting. We at Edoflip believe that the root problem for the same lies in the way we get educated. Edoflip was conceived to set every student free of the core impediments that lead to this problem. We are doing our bit to make the change happen.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see every student being aware of his/her unique path to excellence and one that fulfills his/her highest potential. We want to see them confidently walking this path through reflective learning. We want to see curious, smiling faces, amazed at the beauty of the universe around them and relentlessly exploring most of it while,
enjoying their journey together.

Number Speaks









Our Tutors

We are a family. We are One Vision and many hands at play. And as much as everyone is welcome to be a part of our family, the ones who actually get in, are painstakingly chosen to walk with us. The journey, although mesmerizing on most occasions, takes along only those who can walk the values we cherish.

Our Tutors are committed to making a difference. This is not just professional but also personal for us. And we are proud of it.

We hire Character and we groom Skills

Prateek Hakay

Innovation, technological edge and professional execution are some of the key pillars that my current work, is based on.

Raj Sahakari

We aim at improving the student’s performance at every level, during his/her education journey.

Kishan Chimminiyan

My vision is to facilitate a culture of learning and risk taking in a challenging yet safe educational setting.

Sonal Makhija

Teaching is conceptual and intellectual, abstract and concrete, creative, but framed through ideas.

How our tutors are onboarded:

Step 1

Referral Invitation

Only experts who receive a reference from our team are eligible to join us. We make sure that the tutor is reputed.

Step 2

“DNA” Scrutiny

We check if our tutors have lived our values in some way. And if we can hone them more.

Step 3

Expertise Test

We thoroughly test their content proficiency and teaching abilities before we accept the Tutors into our team.

Step 4

Rigorous Training

Our Tutors are trained in Content, Soft Skills, Ethos and Professionalism through a continual learning system.

Our mission is to make Edoflip a household name for each student in their self paced learning endeavor,
and we’re here to help them at every stage.

Wish to join our team?