Post COVID-19 - Resolving Students' Academic Adversities

A personal talk with IITians on how to deal with current stand still in academics, and finding the path forward.

The ongoing pandemic has brought a nationwide uncertainty among parents and students alike. To top it off, students haven’t been able to tune into online learning with ease.

With an aim to address such problems, Edoflip has arranged a webinar for parents and students to cope with their reasonable uneasiness about the future of education.

IITians from Edoflip with superlative academic experience will be hosting the live discussion on Zoom. Their panoramic perception of the learning community will definitely put to rest all your doubts and queries.

Edoflip highly recommends interested parents to join the webinar 

Time : 16 May 2020, Saturday
Date : 8:30pm to 9:30 pm

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